Polyethylene Pipe Standards

Polyethylene Pipe Standard DIN 8074

Polyethylene Pipe Standard ISIRI 14427

Abrah Dashtem Markazi laboratory: testing of raw materials and final product, with laboratory equipment

Measurement equipment

1- Digital Caliper device

2- Circumference

3- Micrometer

4- Meter

5- Gauges for GO and NO GO

6- Thread Gauges for Brass

7- Gauges for Rubber

Laboratory equipment's for the Granular and Powder materials

1- Melt flow Tester (ISO 1133)

Measurement of the melt flow index

2- Sieve analysis test 

Measurement of the particle size of the powder

3- Flow test 

Measurement of the flow of material in the feeder of the machine

4- Heat stability test 

Measurement of the heat stability of the material

5- Bulk density 

Measurement of the density of the powder

6- K-value 

Measurement of the K-value of the resins

Laboratory equipment for the Pipes

1. Falling Impact Test

According to (Isiri 14427 -ISO 4422 - ISO 15877 - ASTM D1785- ASTM D2241)

These depend on the diameter of the pipe at which we fall a certain mass in the pipe from 2 meter

height at room temperature according to standard

2. Pendulum Impact Test

According to ( DIN 8061 -DIN 8080)

That tests according to DIN and standard that measure notched Charpy impact strength of the pipe

3. VSTTest

According to (DIN 8061 -DIN 8080 -ISO 4422)

That measures the softening temperature of the product (Pipes or Fittings)

4. Chemicals Effect Test

According to ( DIN 8061 -DIN 8080)

That measures the effect of the solvent as Acetone and Methylene chloride

5. Hydrostatic Pressure Test

According to (ISO 4422- ISO 15877- ASTM D1785 - ASTM D2241 -DIN 8061 -

DIN 8074- DIN 8075 - DIN 8080)

Measurement of the Internal Hydrostatic pressure of the pipes and fittings

6. Burst Pressure Test

According to (ASTM D1785- ASTM D2241 - ASTM F441 - ASTM F439)

Measurement of the Burst pressure oft the pipes and the fittings

7. Oven {Heat reversion) Test

According to (DIN 8061 -DIN 8080 - DIN 8075)

Measurement of the effect of the high temperature in the products

8. Tensile Tester

According to ( ASTM 681 -ISO 37)

Measurement of the tensile strength of the products (Pipes, Fittings, and gaskets)

9. Compression Tester

According to (BS EN ISO 9969- EN 1401 - ISO 4435)

Measurement of the stiffness of the pipe

10. Hardness Tester

According to (ISO 48 - DIN 681-1/2- DIN 53505 - ASTM D 2240)

11. Thermocycling Tester

According to (ISO 1 0508)

Those test a net of the product (pipes and fittings) at different temperature and certain internal

pressure for a long time