Quality Control

Abrah Dashte Markazi company provides products and services based on the concepts of customer focus and priority on quality


 Quality Control for Products and Services


Abrah Dashte Markazi has stipulated the following Basic Quality Policy:


Based on its corporate philosophy of "Quality and Performance and, Trustworthiness" Abrah Dashte Markazi has established the following Basic Quality Policy.


  1. through Accurate manufacturing of pe pipe with most precise dimensional, Wall thickness, surface, weight per meter and with the best material in the row from inside and outside of Iran base on the toughest standards available in the world
  2. through Provide safe and environmentally friendly products to earn the trust of the customer




the Abrah Dashte Markazi Co conducts business operations in line with its Quality Manual based on  ISO9001, and Abrah Dashte Markazi and major Group companies acquire ISO9001 certification as necessary

Procedure in Case of an Accident

At Abrah Dashte Markazi, we strive to supply the market with no deficient products by planning, designing, manufacturing, guaranteeing quality, selling, distributing, and providing services, after having given careful consideration to our products' safety, to avoid accidents. If a safety concern occurs, we immediately confirm the facts in cooperation with the departments concerned, quickly set up appropriate measures in line with the procedure, and make every effort to ensure the problem does not reoccur by keeping the public informed.


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