HDPE PIPE Manufacturer In The Middle East

HDPE PIPE Manufacturer in the middle east and Caspian littora states

HDPE PIPE Manufacturer In The Middle East

HDPE PIPE Manufacturer In The Middle East Abrah Dashte Markazi Co

HDPE PIPE Manufacturer in the middle east Abrah Dashte Markazi Co Specialty Focuses on manufacturing Polyethylene Pipes specifically HDPE PIPE with High Quality and High Performance. To optimize the HDPE PIPE manufacturing process in ABrah Dashte Markazi Co we are committed to Use the best Class Polyethylene Pressure PIPE Grade raw materials Like 3490 and Crp100 for HDPE PIPE in Our Company. in Abrah Dashte Markazi Co we only Use virgin Polyethylene Material in Manufacturing HDPE Pipes. Abrah Dashte Markazi Co is one of the HDPE PIPE Manufacturers in the middle east that you can expect Assurance high-Quality HDPE PIPE of Our Products and long term Relationship in projects with us. we are looking for long term Cooperation and Relationship with all Independent contractor companies and government contractor companies in the field of the Water & Waste Water And Energy industry and OIL & GAS and onshore & offshore and HDPE PIPE Manufacturers in the middle east for a better future in HDPE PIPE Manufacturing industry and Provide higher standards of living for People in the middle east. 

HDPE PIPE Manufacturer

HDPE PIPE Manufacturer in the middle east Abrah Dashte Markazi Co for Plastic Pipe based in Iran Manufacture HDPE PIPE up till HDPE pipes sizes 250 mm OD diameter and HDPE pipe specifications Pn 25 we are producer solid-wall HDPE PIPE with a premier quality ABrah Dashte Markazi's Poly Pipes Manufactured from Premier Chemically Engineered HDPE Raw Materials.

Base on Customers Request Abrah Dashte Markazi Co Manufacture 3 major type of solid wall pipe products, PE100 PIPE, Polyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Pipe, PE80 PIPE for width range of HDPE PIPE Applications

PE100 HDPE PIPE Manufacturer

PE100 HDPE PIPE Manufacturer Abrah Dashte Markazi Co-Produce PE100 PIPE in 2 base model of PE100 Masterbatch and PE100 Black HDPE pipes sizes 250mm OD Up till HDPE pipe specifications Pressure Nominal 25 and SDR 6 For HDPE Water Pipe, HDPE Irrigation Pipe, HDPE Conduit, HDPE Sewer Force Main Pipe, HDPE mining pipe, Base On HDPE PIPE STANDARD Din 8074 from best petrochemical raw materials PE100 and PE100+ inside and outside of the middle east petrochemical company.

PE80 HDPE PIPE Manufacturer

PE80 HDPE PIPE Manufacturer Abrah Dashte Markazi Co produce PE80 PIPE From best High Density (HDPE) MRS 8.0 Polyethylene Raw Material in 2 models of PE80 Masterbatch and PE80 Black up till  HDPE pipes sizes 250mm OD HDPE pipe specifications Pressure nominal 20 and SDR 7.4 for HDPE Water Pipe, HDPE Conduit, HDPE Irrigation Pipe, HDPE Sewer Force Main Pipe, HDPE mining pipe, and another application as well. Base On HDPE PIPE STANDARD Din 8074 from the best-qualified petrochemical company.

Premier Quality of Manufactured HDPE PIPES

PE100 - PE80 and PE-RT polyethylene material used in the production of polyethylene HDPE PIPE are Chosen for the toughest applications and provide the best quality and expect the best performance. for more information about Abrah Dashte Markazi Co products and Engineering behind each product we invite you to check :

HDPE PIPE Specifications

 HDPE PIPE Catalogue Engineering manual for polyethylene (PE) Piping systems Tech-info


Approvals as HDPE PIPE Manufacturer

  • Holder of Iran national standard Certificate as an HDPE PIPE Manufacturer

  • Holder of ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system Certificate
  • Abrah Dashte Markazi as HDPE PIPE Manufacturer makes sure our products for water supply usage pipes always have been Safe and for other Applications, HDPE PIPE always has been compatible with the environment and natural resources

  • Active In most projects in Iran in the field of water and sewer enterprise companies and the oil industry

  • the Abrah Dashte Markazi Co conducts business operations in line with its Quality Manual based on  ISO9001, and Abrah Dashte Markazi and major Group companies acquire ISO9001 certification as necessary

HDPE PIPE Manufacturer With a focus on Quality and Performance of Products

Quality Control of the raw material of polyethylene HDPE pipe

well, monitoring HDPE pipe manufacturing process and best in the class raw material is the most important elements of providing Premier Quality of Products to the market of the middle east and Caspian littoral states in Abrah Dashte Markazi Company As HDPE PIPE Manufacturer is the Control of the quality of the raw material to be used in the production of HDPE pipe and it is the first essential and necessary condition for compliance with the specified requirements of the finished HDPE PIPE.

the manufactured HDPE Pipes in Abrah Dashte Markazi using the best raw material in the petrochemical industries of Iran and the Middle East

HDPE PIPE Supplier Abrah Dashte Markazi company provides products and services based on the concepts of customer focus and priority on quality to the market of the Middle East and Caspian littoral states.

Control of the quality of the HDPE pipe manufacturing process

HDPE PIPE Supplier Abrah Dashte Markazi Co Provide The most accurate dimensional specifications of PE PIPES and superior quality to the market of the Middle East and Caspian littoral states.

All the PE Pipes manufactured in Abrah Dashte Markazi Company have high standards of Quality control during the manufacture of PE PIPE and the traceability ID of the products.

HDPE PIPE Supplier Abrah Dashte Markazi is an exclusive producer of Polyethylene pipes in the Middle East and Caspian littoral states. for a wide range of applications such as HDPE Pipe for potable water, HDPE Pipe Sewer force Main, HDPE Pipe in power plant, HDPE PIPE in shipbuilding, HDPE Pipe conduit and for more information about Abrah Dashte Markazi's HDPE PIPE you can check HDPE PIPE Application.

HDPE PIPES manufactured in Abrah Dashte Markazi Company benefits from using the most stringent standards for polyethylene pipe and advanced technology of Production.

HDPE pipe manufacturer based on Iran national standard HDPE PIPE STANDARD (ISIRI 14427-2), Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) HDPE PIPE STANDARD DIN 8074 and DIN 8075, American Institute of Standard ASTM F714


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