PE100 pipe


PE100 PIPE Specifications

PE100 PIPE Manufactured in Abrah Dashte Markazi Company Produced from PE100 Material class especially HDPE pipe grade material properties like Crp100 and 3490 PE100 HDPE material and PE100+ raw polyethylene virgin material in different pe100 pipe specifications and regularly pe100 sdr11 pipe sizes and pe100 sdr17 pipe sizes and Pressure Nominal PN of 25 bar - 20 bar - 16 bar - 10 bar - 12.5 bar - 8 bar - 6 bar - 5 bar -  4 bar and Standard Dimensions ratio SDR  33, 26, 22, 21, 17.6,17, 13.6, 11,9, 7.4, 6, for different applications of PE100 Polyethylene pipe as HDPE Pipe in Industrial Application, HDPE Pipe for potable water, HDPE Sewer PIPE, HDPE Pipe in power plant, HDPE Pipe for Mining Applications, HDPE PIPE in shipbuilding, HDPE Pipe conduit regularly pe 100 SDR 17 pipes and regularly pe 100 SDR 11 pipes, and much more.


PE100 pipes have natural Slow crack growth resistance (SCG) and Rapid crack propagation resistance advantage of PE100 Material and this two-factor can increase lifetime and increase the safety of pipeline in applications such as HDPE PIPE for OIL & GAS where Rapid crack propagation have much more chance to happen in previous generations of polyethylene pipes.

PE100 PIPE combining 3 key properties PE100 PIPE have Long term resistance to internal pressure and Long term resistance To mechanical failure and Minimisation of damage in case of accidental failure because of higher performance, resistance, the strength of PE100 material, PE100 pipes have a lower price in front of PE80 PIPE because they need lower wall thickness so they have a lower weight in each meter in front of PE80 PIPE.

PE100 HDPE PIPE is known as a newer generation of polyethylene pipes in front of PE80 PIPE.

PE100 Material

The polyethylene material types are classified according to their minimum strength, their minimum resistance to stress, at 20°C over a time period of 50 years. This strength is classified in MRS: minimum required strength (Mpa). MRS represents the long-term circumferential stress in the pipe where the break may occur after 50 years at the earliest. the MRS value, multiplied by 10 is the “classification” of the material. As an example, materials with an MRS of 10.0 Mpa and are therefore classified as PE100 material

PE100 Meaning

PE100 PIPE known with MRS 10.0 or minimum strength required 10.0 megapascal(Mpa) and HDS 8.0 or hydrostatic design basis 8.0 megapascal (Mpa) in the Abrah Dashte Markazi's Engineering manuals for polyethylene (PE) piping systems.


HDPE PIPE Catalogue Engineering manual for polyethylene Piping systems

 wall thickness and mass table of pe pipe according to DIN 8074 with SF 1.25

 Allowable working pressure for pipes conveying water, with a safety factor of 1.25

 Allowable working pressure for pipes conveying water, with a safety factor of 1.6

 Allowable working pressure for pipes conveying water, with a safety factor of 2

PE100 PIPE Sizes

wall thickness and mass table of PE100 and PE80 pipe according to DIN 8074 with SF 1.25



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