HDPE Water PipeHDPE Water Pipe

HDPE Water Pipe

HDPE Water Pipe Application, HDPE PIPE has been used in Potable Water applications since the '60s. HDPE Water Pipe is the main plastic water pipe used in the outside of the buildings usually people know this pipe as a black plastic water pipe or black plastic water line in blue color it is blue plastic water pipe & blue water pipe HDPE Water Pipe have provided decades of exceptional performance in the US, Canada, and Europe in potable and other applications HDPE water line due to its durability and resistance to earthquakes, corrosion, fatigue, zero leakage, and lowest life cycle cost and has been gaining approval and growth in municipalities ever since. We manufacture HDPE Water PIPE IN 2 Base Model PE100 PIPE and PE80 PIPE. pe water line In the last 10 years alone, ~3 billion feet (estimated) of HDPE water pipe were installed in the US and Canada with an excellent performance record and with minimal breakage. The outstanding physical and performance benefits of poly water pipe make it the perfect choice for your piping systems One of the major benefits of the poly water line is fusion-welded joints which ensure very low leakage rates and thus low liquids loss costs.

HDPE Water Pipe Specificationpoly water pipe

HDPE Water Pipe  is approved in ASTM D3035 (All pipes produced under this specification may be used for the transport of water, industrial process liquids, effluents, slurries, municipal sewage), AWWA C901 and C906 (This standard describes minimum requirements for PE pressure pipe and water poly pipe made from a material having standard PE code designations PE 2606, PE 2706, PE 2708, PE 3608, PE 3708, PE 3710, PE 4608, PE 4708, and PE 4710 and intended for use in potable water, reclaimed water, and wastewater service.), polyethylene pipes for water supply NSF 14 and 61 (NSF International is an independent global organization that writes public health standards and protocols, and tests and certifies products for the water, food, and consumer goods industries.) for more information about PE pressure pipe and potable water pipe tubing made from a material having standard PE code designations PE 2606, PE 2706, PE 2708, PE 3608, PE 3708, PE 3710, PE 4608, PE 4708, and PE 4710 you can check :

 Engineering_manual_for_polyethylene_(PE)_Piping_systems_Tech-info Section 2: Standard Pe Piping Material Designation Code, Page: 13-17 for more information about PE water pipe you can check:

 Water_Brochure_1636 for more information you can check PPI potable water standards

HDPE Water Pipe in agricultural solutions

Polyethylene pipes for water supply Have a wide range of applications in Agriculture solutions.  one of them is water sprinkler for agriculture. agricultural water sprinkler became popular solutions on these years water sprinkler system agriculture uses pe pipe for water supply with sprinkler sockets on each side of the pipe, pe pipe for water supply in water sprinklers for farms application can be produced in 6 - 8 - 12 - meter long depends on requests and applications.



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