Polyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT) PipePolyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Pipe

Manufacturer Polyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Pipes

Polyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Pipe manufactured base on latest specification type 1 and type 2 PE-RT material in Abrah Dashte Markazi Co. PE-RT Pipe manufactured according to DIN 16833, ASTM F2769 - 16, ISO 15494, ISO 24033, EN 15632-2 Standards. Abrah Dashte Markazi's PE-RT Pipe provides the practical solution when reaching the higher capacity of polyethylene pipes working Temperature is required. PE-RT Pipe is suitable for use in all hot water pipe applications.

Polyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Pipe applications:

Abrah Dashte Markazi's Polyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Pipe provides a practical solution for applications such as hot and cold water. as well as industrial pipe applications and energy industries (Power plants) and High voltage cables,  offshore oil industry, plumbing, Underfloor heating, radiator connections, High-temperature radiators,low-temperature radiator, for industrial chemical applications  when From -40 to (+70) degree of celsius expected to be the working Temperature of  PE-RT pipe

Polyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Pipe in Power plants

Abrah Dashte Markazi's Polyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Pipe for cooling water systems in Power plants based on this pipe can be connected via heat fusion welding or by the use of mechanical fittings. Furthermore, Abrah Dashte Markazi's PE-RT Pipe can be used in industrial applications, where its temperature resistance may limit traditional Polyethylene and metallic materials often suffer from corrosion. The excellent weldability of Abrah Dashte Markazi Company's PE-RT Pipe provides various opportunities to connect even larger dimension pipes in industrial applications.

Polyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Pipe in Oil pipelines onshore and offshore

Abrah Dashte Markazi's Polyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Pipe can be used for economic extraction of the oil from resources, with water injection flowlines as used by the offshore oil industry where temperatures expected to be up to 80°C, well water is injected down a flow line to preserve the reservoir pressure. In addition to its high-temperature resistance, the use of Abrah Dashte Markazi Polyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Pipe as a liner allows all use of traditional polyethylene pipes advantages in higher Temperature such as smooth inside surface. PE-RT pipes have been used successfully in domestic hot and cold water piping systems for more than 20 years.

Polyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Pipe For industrial chemical applications

The very wide operating temperature range of Abrah Dashte Markazi's Polyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Pipe makes it an ideal pipe for any project where huge temperature differences. such as for industrial chemical applications where temperatures can change from lower than zero up to 70 °C. Abrah Dashte Markazi's Polyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Pipe can be used for cold temperature applications for the refrigeration of glycol/water mixtures for making of an ice arena, where the fluid transported may reach as low as – 40 °C.

Polyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Pipe For Cable ducting high and extra-high voltage cables up to 380 kV

Abrah Dashte Markazi's Polyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Pipe For the protection of high and extra-high-voltage cables up to 380 kV, Abrah Dashte Markazi uses temperature resistant (RT Raised Temperature) materials.

Polyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Pipe in Domestic pipe systems

Abrah Dashte Markazi's Polyethylene Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Domestic pipes are in the class of  “snowmelt” and “heat recovery” systems or better description hot and/or cold water systems in pressurized heating and drinking water networks within buildings. Such piping systems typically operate at pressures between 2 and 10 bar and temperatures up to 80°C with malfunction temperatures up to 100°C. The conditions of use for the different hot water pipe classes/applications (underfloor heating, radiator connectors, and plumbing pipe) are described in ISO 10508


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