HDPE PIPE in shipbuilding

Abrah Dashte Markazi's PE100 RC pipes are ideal for piping system in shipbuilding because of extreme Corrosion resistance and low weight of PE-HD Pe 100 RC pipes of Abrah Dashte Markazi company

Polyethylene pipe's Applications in Ship Building

Abrah Dashte Markazi's PE100 RC pipes are ideal for piping system in:

  • Ferries
  • Cruise ships
  • merchant sea fleets
  • offshore platforms 

Polyethylene pipe's Advantages In Ship Building

The corrosion-resistant and low weight of PE-HD PE100 RC pipes of Abrah Dashte Markazi company can make an Excellent Solution For an industry that deals with 30 years plus an average lifetime of (Ferries, Cruise ships, merchant sea fleets, offshore platforms), these advantages lead to the vast field of applications in shipbuilding such As:

  • cooling systems (Air condition)
  • hot and cold water systems 
  • chilled and brine water systems
  • black and greywater systems
  • water treatment - fresh and wastewater
  • Osmosis systems and evaporation
  • freshwater bunker lines
  • ballast water

Abrah Dashte Markazi company HDPE PIPE Manufacturer in the MIDDLE EAST and Caspian littoral states provide vast piping system available in PE-HD PE100 RC pipes and fittings from 40 to 250 mm in All SDR's for the construction of piping systems on ships and offshore platforms Suitable for both of new and retrofit installation Abrah Dashte Markazi's PE-HD PE100 RC pipes provide you advantages of Plastic pipes that are essential for shipbuilding because of :

  • Weather-resistant
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • UV-resistant
  • High flexibility
  • Resistant to all Kind of Microbial Corrosion
  • low weight
  • low maintenance required
  • Easy handling, cost effective and fast installation


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